Principles in Action: Helikon Polkadot Governance Archive

This micro-site documents the Polkadot OpenGov voting activity of kukabi, the founder of Helikon, as delegated by the W3F as part of the Decentralized Voices (DV) program.

Please find here the original DV application dated February 10th, 2024.

This site is a work in progress, updated daily.

Guiding Principles


  • Accountability: Responsibility for actions and outcomes. Quantifiable results. Open communication.
  • Professionalism: Focus and expertise. High standards. Attention to detail.
  • Integrity: Honesty. Ethical practices. Transparency.
  • Dedication: Commitment to craft. Community service. Persistence and passion.
  • Evolution: Gradual growth. Continuous improvement. Resilience.

Fields of Interest

  • Early-stage protocol and tooling development.
  • Research in software development, data, business and marketing.
  • Original, high quality educational and promotional content with well though-out strategy.
  • Artworks and creative coding.

Votes Summary

Number of Proposals Voted70
Erroneous Proposals9
Valid Proposals61


Last change: 2024-03-19, commit: a83b087