Small Spender Referenda 450 - 499

TitleETHDenver 2024 - Polkadot - Event Recap Video Marketing - Amplify Presence at One of the Largest Blockchain Conferences
ProponentTiger Mode Media
Amount1’000 DOT
Vote🔴 Nay @ 6.01M DOT

Thanks for the proposal. I find the proposed production valuable, but today is ETHDenver’s last day, and as far as I can see you haven’t done the necessary pre-production as outlined in your proposal. Pre-production is very essential because you need to work with the Polkadot team there, and plan the shooting. So my questions are:
  • Have you completed the pre-production steps as outlined in your proposal?
  • Have you been shooting at ETHDenver so far (today is the last day)?

I’m nay’ing until I receive your answers, because there’s no indication of completed pre-production work in your proposal, and I don’t think it’s possible to deliver without that step.

If you have done the preparatory work, and if you’ve been shooting at ETHDenver in line with your production plan then I’ll be happy to turn my vote to aye.

Best regards,
kukabi | Helikon


TitleVeles project proposal - Carbon credits pallet
ProponentCeres Blockchain Solutions
Amount5’000 DOT
Vote🟢 Aye @ 6.01M DOT
CommentsHi @Ceres Blockchain Solutions,

Thank you for your proposal. I initially abstained, but after carefully reading it again, I find the proposal very interesting and well thought-out. As I was reading through, I found that my questions were answered regarding the much critical disincentive/incentive mechanisms.

One downside to the proposal is that the development of just the pallet appears to be a relatively minor part of this business. I wish the proposal had covered both the development of the pallet and the establishment of a business around it, bringing together currently active carbon credit projects and credit validators. All the effort only seems to make sense once a multitude of these two user types are actively using the system.

Still, I’m casting my vote in favor, hoping that you guys will be willing to develop this into a fully-fledged business. Additionally, I find the amount requested to be reasonable.

PS #1: The word “validator” is already heavily utilized in the protocol, finding a different name for this user role would be better.

PS #2: The “Other Solutions vs Veles” section should include links to other potential projects within the ecosystem in this field. I would appreciate it if you list them as an answer to this comment.

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