Big Spender Referenda 450 - 499

TitlePolkadot Decoded 2024 treasury spend tranche 1/2
Amount184’235.82 DOT
Vote🟢 Aye @ 6.01M DOT
CommentsHello @decentered.jeoric,

I attended last year’s Decoded and I was happy with the event overall (catering could be better), yet I agree with the rest of the comments that more granular line items and offers from alternative providers should be presented. Otherwise the voters do not have enough data to make a decision on.

I’m voting in favor, but also looking forward to the transparency report.

Best regards
kukabi | Helikon


TitleDeFi Infrastructure & Tooling Bounty
Amount592’972.973774 DOT
Vote🟢 Aye @ 6.01M DOT

Thanks for the detailed proposal. I have confidence that the listed members of the teams are going to ensure a successful management and delivery. Voting in favor.

Best regards,
kukabi | Helikon


TitlePolkassembly Social Contract 2024
Amount172’066.93 DOT
Vote🔴 Nay @ 6.01M DOT
CommentsHi @Polkassembly,

Although it’s clear that Polkassembly plays a crucial role in OpenGov alongside Subsquare, I believe the budget requested is excessive. I don’t understand why you should be charging extra for the new features when you already have a crowded personnel listed solely for maintenance. Furthermore, I’m noticing a trend of escalating costs with each proposal from Polkassembly, a point highlighted by ChaosDAO. Moreover, I don’t understand why the treasury should be funding your travel and accommodation costs for the events.

My vote is nay, with the primary concern that Polkassembly’s expenses are becoming increasingly heavy on the treasury. I would vote in favor of a proposal with a more modest and reasonable budget and a shorter duration.

Best regards,
kukabi | Helikon

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