Small Spender Referenda 500 - 549

TitlePolkadot Desktop Wallet Tutorial by Altcoin Daily
Amount5’086.39 DOT
Vote🔴 Nay @ 6.01M DOT

First of all, I’m very disappointed (though not surprised, unfortunately) to see that the treasury has already paid you $110K for the three YouTube videos you shared in your post. I usually reject content proposals, because they’re mostly very basic unintelligent parroted shill content, and your last proposal is a monumental example of it. It wouldn’t have been so terrible at a much lower price tag, like $1K for all 3 videos, for instance. So in my opinion, you 110x over-charged the treasury, it’s up to the community to how to call this act.

Although I have a very high opinion of Talisman, your proposal is a very easy nay for me, basically because I see absolutely no point at such outrageous cost, a whopping $55K with today’s rate for a single video.

kukabi | Helikon


TitleExplainer video for Polkadot 2.0 - easy and understandable
Amount1’500 DOT
Vote🔴 Nay @ 6.01M DOT
CommentsHello @creme_fraiche_,

I like the video, thanks for sharing it, but it will still be cryptic for “those people who aren’t that much into tech,” as you stated in your slides. If you aim to target those individuals, you really need to start with why Polkadot exists in the first place. Someone who doesn’t know this will not understand anything about the details of Polkadot 2.0 either.

I think I would be willing to support a more comprehensive video series because I find your style approachable and fun. However, I find $13K USD too high a cost for a single video if we’re aiming to produce quite a number of them, so I’m voting nay for now.

My recommendation would be to lower the price per video for a set number of videos, and retroactively or proactively charge in milestones instead. In other words, lower cost per video, and more than one video per milestone. For instance, a total of 10 videos, 5 milestones, 2 videos per milestone delivery.

Good luck,
kukabi | Helikon


TitleRising Karting Star Seeks Polkadot Partnership (withdrawn)
Amount8’260 DOT
Vote⚪ Abstain
CommentsHello @Nmarshall,

I think your proposal is missing details on Nishaun’s track record so far. It’s claimed that he’s a rising star, but as someone who is completely unfamiliar with this field, I can’t find any evidence in the proposal to back this claim. There should have been a substantial “Who is Nishaun Marshall” section in my opinion.

In summary:
  • I don’t find the asked amount too high.
  • I don’t think Polkadot treasury should sponsor everything listed in the proposal.
  • It may or may not provide good return on investment, not enough evidence in the proposal, just some suggestions.
  • At the given scale, it may be a good experiment for precedence purposes.
  • So, I don’t feel strongly either way.

I abstain.

Best regards,
kukabi | Helikon


Title[Small Spender] Referendum #530
Amount0.0000005867 DOT
❗ Original request is 5’867 DOT, proponent entered 5867 planck.
Vote🔴 Nay @ 6.01M DOT

It seems like the proposal amount was set incorrectly in DOT, not Plancks, ending up in a total of 0.0000005867 DOT.

Please resubmit your proposal. However, I think you should charge per quarterly report (slightly higher per report could be acceptable in this case) rather than for all 4 reports together, so we can evaluate the return on investment after each report. You would have my support for a per-report payment model.

Best regards,
kutsal | Helikon


Title1TRIBE: Africa On DOT - Phase II
Amount9’986.112944 DOT
Vote🔴 Nay @ 6.01M DOT
CommentsHello @1TRIBE,

First of all, you need to place the decision deposit otherwise your proposal is going to time out in 9 days 7 hours as of me writing this comment.

It appears that for your first proposal you have received 47,281 DOT, roughly 288,000 USD on the 29th of March, 2023. Some findings of mine from your report Phase I report:
  • You claim that you have produced 72 videos, and 45 additional videos (117 videos in total) but your YouTube channel has only 5 videos, and they have 170 views in total. Can you share links to the rest of the videos?
  • Can you share the recordings to the 25 video ads that you place in your shows?
  • I did check your website, and it’s impossible to say that it’s rich in content. News section has 22 pieces, it’s hard to say that the content is impressive. TV section has only 3 videos, all posted on the 17th of August, 2023.
Overall, I find the idea of merging entertainment, commerce and education good, and Africa could really be a fertile ground for such development, but the work so far doesn’t at all justify the $288K USD of funds received. Nay from me. In my opinion you have clearly failed to deliver. Please feel free to respond to this comment with the justification of the budget spent and the missing material I pointed at above.

Best regards,
kukabi | Helikon


TitleMeetups Bounty [#43]
Amount5’000 DOT
Vote🟢 Aye @ 6.01M DOT
CommentsHi @giottodf,

Thanks for the proposal. The requested amount is reasonable, the curator list features reputable names, and the Telegram chat is already displaying good activity and self-organization. Aye.

Best regards,
kukabi | Helikon


TitleUniversal Hybrid Substrate Faucet
Amount4’471 DOT
Vote⚪ Abstain
CommentsHello Shankar | Edgeware DAO,<br/
Although the asked amount is not high and the projects seems to be well thought-out, I’m going to abstain for now and view the outcome of the discussion on the forum. Birdo & xlc’s comments, which imply the redundancy of your solution, have not been answered yet.

Best regards,

kukabi | Helikon

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